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Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay, I may be suffering from an unnatural level of excitement over this, but I'm so excited my new groceries just got here from Amazon! I can't wait to start our GF journey on Feb 7, and I'm looking forward to experimenting and playing around in the kitchen like a mad scientist with his first chemistry set.  And besides, I tend to be a bit more enthusiastic and exuberant than my saner counterparts anyway, so just go with it. ;-)

Anyway, I promise to give fair and honest reviews of everything, and to share tips, recipes, pictures and stories along the way.  Even if they make me look like a big freakin' dork.  Which many of them likely will.

So here's tonight's delivery (well, a single representative from each group, since I bought in bulk):

The first things I ordered from Amazon's Subscribe and Save (my favorite way to get dry goods...and no that's not advertising for them, that's just the truth!), are what I'm calling the "basics". We're still very much bread people, so I have to try this gluten-free sandwich bread mix. I will likely still make it from scratch, but this is worth a shot.  I looooove to bake cakes and have some important birthdays coming up, so I had to get Bob's Red Mill cake mix.  We can't live without pancakes (and my hubby's wonderful waffles), so we're trying gluten free Bisquick for starters.  My son Noah is a ramen junkie (though I was SO proud when he was reading the ingredients off a packet of it today and told me he could see why weren't going to buy THAT STUFF anymore, lol), so I got him the Pad Thai soup.  And I finally have my BFF's spaghetti sauce recipe, so that brown rice spaghetti better hope it's good enough to be worthy of her sauce! :)

Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix, Gluten-Free, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)


  1. i'll be very curious to hear how that brown rice spaghetti help up with your BFF's sauce....

  2. Oh, I'll be sure to update :)