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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prep Week!!

So this week is an adventure all in itself.  Since we're going completely gluten-free next week, I'm doing a ton of shopping to find alternatives to everything we're used to eating.  Mike and Noah are racing against the clock to eat up everything in the house that is going to be banned as of next week, too, so it's kind of funny.  I've been cleaning out the fridge and I'm still working on re-organizing the pantry too.  All the gluteny stuff is moved to the front so they can eat it up fast!

I'm also starting the process of experimenting. Trying new recipes, trying new things that we've not made before.  I know it sounds funny, but I'm literally making my very first beans & collards meal tonight.  I'm serving it with basmati rice and hamburger gravy.   This is a far cry from the way I used to be - back when we first got married, I knew how to bake chicken & rice, and make Hamburger Helper.  If we wanted variety in our meals, I got different flavors of it. ;-)

Over the years (and thanks to good friends and a stint as a Pampered Chef consultant), I became more comfortable in the kitchen, and eventually got to where I loved being there - especially baking!  But now that we're working toward whole and natural foods, it's a whole new ballgame and I feel like I'm learning to cook all over again.  It feels good because I've become very conscious of what we're eating now, and I love doing it all from scratch so I *know* what's in it.

I'm so blessed to have local farms here with wonderful people who give us good deals on our meat and dairy products, or in the case of Momma Debbie's farm, I get to work for eggs. :)  Today I even got enough nerve up to pet one of her cows LOL  I'm learning a lot as her "farm hand" - learning enough to to realize that I love it and I will always want to be a part of it, but that I never want to own a farm all to myself LOL  As for produce, I get a lot from the local food co-op (check your area and see if you have one, it's well worthwhile!), but I do still get stuff from Kroger too.

Okay, so now I have to go stir my beans again (OMG they smell soooo goooood!!!), but I'll let y'all know how it turned out.  Also, I'll share pics of my pantry if I ever get it the way I want it.  So, maybe never. ;-)

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