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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recovery, it's not for wimps!

So I'm 3 days post-op now and in my imagination I'd be be-bopping through my house by now, cleaning up after the boys and the dogs and feeling fine.  It didn't exactly work out that way, as I'm sitting here in my recliner with a cool rice bag on my tummy while my family is at church without me. *sigh*  BUT I am doing better and I am getting around a bit quicker.  The little travel pillow the hospital gave me for when I have to move around has been my best friend these last few days (sorry Dawn!), followed closely by the very nice medications they prescribed me.  However I've found that the medicine works best if you take it exactly when it's time for the next dose, whether or not you think the pain is bad enough for another one.  Because by the time it is, it's too late. Oops.
Needless to say, I am sooooo not cooking right now.  I did manage to verbally teach my hubby to make my oatmeal the other day so he could bring me a bowl.  He did well!! Thursday and Friday I was thanking God that they make GF tv dinners - obviously still not the healthiest or cleanest choice, but better than nothing for my fellas while Mom was down in bed.  Last night a friend from church brought us a delicious meal, and my neighbor is making is something tonight.  Yay for not starving!! I'm slowly getting my appetite back...I didn't eat for 3 days, but this isn't a weight loss plan I recommend.
I do hope to be back on my feet again very soon.  My house is in serious need of "Mom's touch", I'm babysitting a 2 year old tomorrow AND I'm being visited by a long-time online friend whom I've never met in person.  Now I know she won't care about my house, but *I* care.  I just weirdly expected the pain to be all gone by now and my strength to have returned.  Overly optimistic? Perhaps, LOL  But I'm expecting good things, and that's a more fun way to live than to always wait for the negative, right?

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