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Thursday, March 31, 2011

BIG Shout-Out to GiGi's Cupcakes!

As my nickname probably suggests, I'm a cupcake fiend. I LOVE cupcakes and while others were doing crazy tricks for Klondike bars I was just figuring out ways to get my hands on those perfect, adorable sweet little treats.  It's like a WHOLE cake that fits in the palm of your hand.  There's nothing better, and it's one of the reasons Nathan dubbed me "Princess Cuppycake".
So imagine my smile when I saw that they were opening a GiGi's Cupcakes HERE! I had tried them when visiting my best friend's house, and I knew I LOVED them.  Of course I smiled even bigger when they announced that they'd be offering GLUTEN FREE cupcakes (starting with once a week, but we'll see how it goes)!  So naturally, I had to surprise my family with a special treat! I called yesterday and reserved 4 beautiful white velvet GF cupcakes and went and picked them up today. Of course I also had to treat myself to a shirt with my name on it - no, really, it said Ms. Princess and had a cupcake on it!
I was sooo excited but I did manage to stay out of them AND keep them hidden until after dinner!  The smiles and WOOHOOs from my boys made the suspense worth it.  And ohhhh gosh, they were so worth the wait - WONDERFUL!!!
Some local restaurants offer gluten free fare, but often it's along the lines of "here, order the burger with the bun", or it's a barely passable substitute for what they normally serve.  So MAJOR kudos to GiGi's for making a special and QUALITY product that was delicious and didn't make us feel like we were missing out on ANYthing!! Thank you GiGi's, and I really hope more places follow your lead!


  1. So cute!! I emailed my fave cupcake place today to see if they made sugar free cupcakes and they don't. Does Gigi's? If so, have some in my honour.

    Glad yours were yummy!!

  2. That looks AMAZING! And how perfect is that shirt!! They should give you a couple of more just for the shout outs!! LOL